Public Transportation

There are three ways of public transportation - trams, buses and city railway. They operate all day (every few minutes) and night (every hour). Tickets can be bought on board (10 kn) or at newsstands (8 kn). Make sure that you stamp your ticket once you board: an unstamped ticket is as good as no ticket at all! Daily tickets are available at a price of 25 kn. Monthly or annual tickets can also be bought in ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram) offices at a reduced price (www.zet.hr). For a monthly/annual ticket you will need to fill in a ZET-form, stamp it at the faculty/academy you enrol. Then you will go to the central office of the Zagreb Electric Trams in Ozaljska 105, HR-10000 Zagreb – end tram station called LJUBLJANICA. There you will purchase a pass (30 kn, app. 4€ + photo) and every month you will buy a ticket for 83kn, app. 11€. This monthly ticket enables you to use all buses and trams in the area of the city of Zagreb. Prices stated are at present – they may change. 
Taxis are quite expensive in Zagreb. You can find them in front of all major hotels, the train and bus stations and at numerous other central locations, or you can call a taxi: tel. 970.


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