Enrolment is an important event which confirms your status as a registered student of the University.

You are invited to enrol at the University of Zagreb Study of Engineering program (prospective 1st year students) in September 2013 for courses beginning in the Autumn term (October 2013). Your enrolment is only valid for one academic year at a time, i.e. you have to repeat the procedure each academic year (if you meet the prerequisites for enrolling into the 2nd year of study, you have to enrol again in the academic year in question; the same goes for all the years of study).

As part of the enrolment process students are required to abide by the University's rules and regulations. A copy of the current Student Guide to Regulations is available on request from the University, prior to enrolment in the Students Office.
Late Enrolments
Enrolments after the start of the course are permitted only in exceptional cases. You must obtain an enrolment form from the Students Office where you will be given guidance on the enrolment procedure, including the payment of fees.
Failure to complete enrolment will lead to your exclusion from classes and assessments.


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