Candidates should send these application items:

  1. A completed on-line application form printed and signed.
  2. Certified copies of their secondary school certificates (of all four years of secondary school and the final certificate of education - GCSE) with official transcript of grades. Candidates who did not receive their 4th year secondary school certificate and the final secondary school certificate before the date of application, have to submit the certified copies of above mentioned certificates until June 17, 2013.
    Applicants who obtained their high school education abroad must have their high school diploma recognized in Croatia in order to be eligible to enrol. For more details about this procedure, please see the
    following link.
  3. Certificates of higher courses or degrees (college/university), if any.
    Applicants who obtained their university degree abroad will have to get their period of study recognized in the Republic of Croatia in order to be eligible to enrol. For more details about this procedure, please see the following link:
  4. Officially certified English translation of their secondary school / graduation certificates if these were not originally written in English.
  5. For non-native English speakers certified document of English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, ...).
  6. Curriculum vitae in English.
  7. Motivation letter in English.
  8. Two (2) passport-size photographs (not older than six months).
  9. Application fee in amount of 50 Euro, payable directly to our account (not by a cheque): 
    Account holder: University of Zagreb
    Address: Trg marsala Tita 14, 10000 Zagreb
    IBAN: HR34 23400091510297183
    Bank name: Privredna banka Zagreb
    Branch address: Rackoga 6, 10000 Zagreb
    Description: Application fee SE (+ student's name and surname)
  10. Medical certificate of general health status (not older than 1 month).
  11. Photocopy of relevant passport pages with your data and picture and your birth certificate ("domovnica" and "rodni list" originals for Croatian citizens).
  12. Notarized financial statement that the applicant or his/her sponsor has adequate financial resources to finance his/her study.
Sending in application documents per post
You have to send the application form and paper documents per regular post:
  • Print out the application form and sign it.
  • Closing date for submission of the signed application form with all the required paper documents (see document checklist in your online application) is June 17, 2013 at the latest (as per dispatch/post mark/date of collection by special courier proof) to:

    University of Zagreb
    Bachelors program in Engineering
    p.p. 407
    Trg maršala Tita 14
    10002 Zagreb
In addition to required documents the required application documents you should add if applicable:
  1. Any relevant documents regarding previous education (scholastic, vocational, academically, related, etc.).
  2. Possible proofs of military service, alternative community service, voluntary year of ecological work.
  3. Possible proofs of periods of practical instruction or training, social commitment, etc.
  4. If applicable, student visa.



  • All certificates have to be sent as certified copies.
  • Please note: you need to turn in a complete set of documents!



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